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My New #1 Best Seller Translated Into Multiple Languages

I’m excited to announce that my new book Public Transportation from the Tom Thumb Rail Road to Hyperloop and Beyond has reached #1 new bestseller status on Amazon for books on Mass Transportation. This is my second #1 best seller and I’m so happy that it is being distributed to kids around the world. We now have the book translated into multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi and Chinese. All available through Amazon and some other online distributors.

The book has received praise from numerous important public transportation groups and leaders including:

“We sing about the wheels on the bus and mimic the choo-choo of trains before we can even fathom the benefits these offer to our health, cities, and the climate. This engaging manner of familiarising children with the history and future of mobility thrills us! And we must admit, we learned an exciting thing or two along the way. Hoping to see the coming generations on Public Transportation!”

UITP – International Public Transportation Union

"This delightful book shows children how public transportation has been a vital link to mobility for generations. It is important that the future leaders of our world understand its history and integral role in building and sustaining communities. I can’t wait to read this book with my four-year-old granddaughter so we can talk about using and supporting public transportation systems."

-Lauren Skiver, CEO & General Manager of SunLine Transit Agency, Coachella Valley, CA

"Public transportation is rooted in our history and will shape our future. This book is a fun, interesting and beautifully illustrated way to encourage the next generation to understand its importance!"

-Erinn Pinkerton, President & CEO, BC Transit, British Columbia, Canada

"This book is everything we want for our younger kids to read; its fun and interesting, so they are engaged, but also its full of informative facts to feed those inquiring young minds. All kids are fascinated with transport, this book builds on this to educate the Engineers and Scientists of tomorrow."

-Professor Graham Currie FTSE, Chair of Public Transport, Director, Public Transport Research Group, Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University, Australia

"Great stories for children about that very important thing we humans need to do every day - moving from points A to B."

-Phil Verster, CEO and President at Metrolinx, Go Bus & Go Trains, Toronto, Canada

Grab your copy today on Amazon here today.

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