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Industry leaders

“Paul Comfort is our industry’s leader on what’s coming next for mobility.  After a thirty year career in public transportation operations and executive leadership, he now travels the globe hearing directly from our top CEOs on what’s working, what’s not and what’s next.  If anyone can pull together a compendium on the Future of Public Transportation, it’s Paul and he’s done so in this book. Congrats!”

Erinn Pinkerton, President and CEO of BC Transit

“As a 38 year public transportation industry veteran, and former CEO and Chair of APTA, I can say that technology and mobility is adapting faster than ever to societal demands and technological abilities.  Paul Comfort has his finger on the pulse of these fast changing developments and has pulled together for this book a top notch roster of executives from the public and private sector to provide their input.”

Peter Varga, Former Chair American Public Transportation Association (APTA)

"Get on board! America’s preeminent “transit evangelist” brings new optimism to a nation weary of bridges to nowhere and buses to take you there! From his extensive industry experience; global perspective; and in-depth interviews with peer CEOs on his award-winning podcast, Transit Unplugged, Paul Comfort delivers a powerful message on the path to transit’s future – the construction of a mobility network that meets the needs of today and tomorrow’s riders.  With insights from many industry leaders, The Future of Public Transportation is a must-read for anyone who is seeking that light at the end of the transit tunnel!” 

Christian T. Kent, Principal, Transit Management Consulting, LLC

"Paul Comfort has become one of the leading evangelists for the mass transit industry . From Paul’s previous book Full Throttle, radio shows, and highly successful podcasts we have learned much about the current state of Public Transportation as well as the likely direction in the future. Paul’s rare talent of being able to gain access to top leaders and to get them to open up and share valuable management insights are highly useful to his readers.


Paul’s unique management experience,as an executive leading a major transit agency, as well as political experience having been a County Administrator, combined with his private sector experience in key business development and client relationship roles (including in my own company Veolia Transportation North America- now Transdev ), give him an excellent vantage point to understand, synthesize ,and expertly communicate the most important trends affecting the world of mass transit in his new book The Future of Public Transportation. 

Mark l. Joseph, CEO Mobitas Advisors and former CEO Transdev North America

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