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Comfort Food; A Public Transportation Celebrity Cookbook - News Release

Annapolis, MD – “Comfort Food; A Public Transportation Celebrity Cookbook” is a new book by best-selling author and top podcast host Paul Comfort. The e-book is available for pre-order now on Amazon and the glossy, color hardback version will be available May 7, 2023.

This book includes favorite and family recipes from over 30 top public transit executives around the globe featuring photos of them making the dishes in their own kitchens and the revealing stories behind them. It’s an amazing look at the personal side of these public transit leaders with some amazing meal combination possibilities. North American contributing celebrity chefs include:

Steve Bland, CEO of Nashville WeGo MTA; Michael Hirsch, CEO of AC Transit in Oakland, CA; Melinda Metzger, CEO of PACE Suburban Bus in Chicago; Elea Carey, President of Happy Transit; Gary Waits, CEO of National Express US; John Donlon, CEO of UZURV; Sherry Little former FTA Administrator; Mischa Wanek-Libman, Editor in Chief of Mass Transit Magazine; Bridgette Beato CEO of Lumenor Consulting and Vice Chair of WTS International; Mike Bismeyer, Transit Unplugged; Johnathan Simkin, CEO of Swiftly; Martin Bean CAO of ROAM Transit, Alex Wiggins, CEO New Orleans RTA (past); Inmar & Blanca Lizama, Restaurateurs; Paul Comfort, Author/Podcast/TV Show Host.

International Contributing Celebrity Chefs Include:

Howard Collins, Secretary for Transport, New South Wales, Australia; Henry Li, CEO Sacramento RTD; Andrew Bata, UITP; David Scorey, CEO of Keolis NA; James Grasshof, GM Trapeze UK; John Rossant, CEO of CoMotion; Josh Mellor, Trapeze UK; Leila Frances, Non Executive Director Keolis; Simon Reed, Head of Technology, Transport Services, Transport for London; Magda Robertson, COO Auckland One Rail, New Zealand; Baiba Kornete, Binary Systems, Italy; Esmy Jensen, Trapeze; Samantha Abeydeera, Dept Head Transport for Brisbane, Australia.

For more Information or to schedule an interview about this press release and/or the book contact the author Paul Comfort at (240) 682-1521 or email

About the Author: Paul Comfort is a three time #1 best-selling author and host of the industry leading podcast Transit Unplugged and Transit Unplugged TV.

Paul enjoyed a 30-year career in public transportation and government, rising to the top of one of America’s largest transit systems in Baltimore. Now he is a Transit Evangelist and sought after keynote speaker enjoying the food, culture and public transportation in cities around the globe.

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